Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Busy Days!

      I missed posting last week, so this will be a blog post full of pictures! We have had a busy 4 weeks of school getting settled in to routines, expectations, and schedules. We have a great group of students who are each working on their own individual challenges. Together, though, they are a community of learners.

     During reading and writing time Ms. M has been getting to know students and reviewing concepts that lots of students worked on last year. Her structure to writing time is similar to last year where students are given a prompt each day to write about in their writing journal. Although, she has also been setting aside some time one day per week to do some direct instruction around writing. Students have been learning about punctuation, capitalizing letters, and how to structure their sentences. Her structure to reading time involves whole group review games, small group games, and now moving towards individual reading time. During math time Ms. Davis has been doing center-based math with students. One center involves using math manipulatives to build or create, allowing students to explore geometric concepts. Another center involves direct work with Ms. Davis learning a math skill or practicing a math skill using a game. The final center typically utilizes technology to practice math skills.     

Unified Arts Update:

Art - Students have continued working with clay. This pieces will all be put in the kiln at the same time, so they are not yet ready to come home.

PE - Students who have shown readiness to walk off-campus are able to access biking during one of our weekly PE classes while the other students are able to do yoga. During the other weekly PE class students have continued to play cooperative games and practice balloon games.

Music - Students have continued to explore rhythm and were able to play different drums and rhythm instruments.

Enrichment - Students continue to explore centers. In the past two weeks those centers have included dominos, creation station, Turning Tiles, building a river ecosystem, and Legos.

Library - Students are settling into the routine of library time. They typically listen to a read aloud, do a brief activity related to the read aloud, pick out library books, and then do a quiet activity or look at their books until library time is over.

Spanish - Students have been reviewing a lot of the Spanish words and phrases we learned last year.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Building Our Skills

      Students are continuing to work hard to learn or re-learn the routines and expectations of our classroom. They are engaging in reading, math, and writing lessons each day as well as working through social emotional learning opportunities and peer interactions. On Wednesdays we have been doing a science curriculum learning about the science of the brain and decision-making. During community time we have begun re-learning the skills to sit on a rug as a group and how to be a positive member of a community of learners.

Unified Arts:

Music - Students met a new teacher who will be subbing until October. They did some sound matching, rhythm work, and chanting games.

Enrichment - Students were able to try out several different centers including marble towers, popsicle stick towers, magnified sunflowers, Legos, and a creation station.

Library - Students listened to a read aloud, talked about their hopes and dreams, and picked out new books.

PE - Students have continued to learn ways to warm up and stretch their bodies, play tag games, and practice volleyball bumping with a balloon.

Art - Students continued working with clay. This week they made pinch pots.

We did not have Spanish this week due to the holiday on Monday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Back to School!

      We are back in school and it feels so nice to see all the students again. It's great to see their smiling faces outside on the playground! Students have been working hard to wear their masks inside the school building in order to keep each other, their teachers, and their families safe. Please continue to have conversations with your child about the why behind mask wearing and how important it is for our school community. Teachers all recognize how hard it is when it's hot, so students always have the opportunity to ask for a mask break if they need it.

     Teachers have begun the year building our community, reviewing classroom expectations, and getting students comfortable with our schedule for the year. Most of our students are the same from last year, but we have a new student that we are welcoming into our space as well as a new teacher. Teachers have also started introducing a few academic expectations and giving students time to explore the literacy and math tools that we have in our classroom. We love learning and exploring with our students!

Unified Arts Update:

Art - Students began the year by making triangle stand-up name plates and working with clay to design wearable clay art.

PE - Students have begun the year doing class warm-ups, tag games, and just getting their bodies moving.

Music - Students listened to some music and drew art connected to how the music made them feel or what it made them think about.

Enrichment - Students explored the new Enrichment space and began the year talking about body language and facial expressions (which are much harder to read with a mask on).

Library - Students were able to return to the library space this year! They listened to a story, created book checkout cards, and explored the library space to pick out books.

Spanish - Students began the year reviewing how to introduce yourself in Spanish, numbers in Spanish, colors in Spanish, and how to say goodbye.

Busy Days!

      I missed posting last week, so this will be a blog post full of pictures! We have had a busy 4 weeks of school getting settled in to r...